Digital X-Rays

Gone are the days of traditional, film-based X-rays. At Peluso Orthodontics, we use digital X-rays to capture accurate and detailed images of your teeth and jaw. This technology allows us to reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to traditional X-rays, making it safer for our patients. Digital X-rays also provide immediate results, allowing us to make quick and accurate diagnoses. We can also easily share these images with other dental professionals if needed.


CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, which is a specialized type of 3D imaging technology used in orthodontics. At Peluso Orthodontics, we use CBCT to capture high-resolution images of your teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures. This technology allows us to accurately plan for orthodontic treatment, especially for complex cases. It also helps us identify any potential issues that may not be visible with traditional X-rays.

iTero 3D Scanner

Say goodbye to messy and uncomfortable impressions! At Peluso Orthodontics, we use the iTero 3D scanner to create digital impressions of your teeth and bite. This technology eliminates the need for traditional putty impressions, making the process more comfortable and efficient for our patients. The digital images are also more accurate, allowing us to create precise treatment plans.

3D Printing

At Peluso Orthodontics, we have invested in 3D printing technology to create appliances such as retainers and aligners. This allows us to customize these appliances specifically for each patient, ensuring a perfect fit and effective treatment results. The use of 3D printing also reduces the wait time for receiving appliances, making the treatment process more efficient.

In-House Appliances

With our advanced 3D printing technology, we are able to create some appliances in-house, such as retainers and aligners. This means that our patients no longer have to wait for these appliances to be made by an outside lab, saving them time and ensuring a quicker treatment process. Our in-house appliances also allow us to make any necessary adjustments or modifications immediately, providing our patients with the best possible care.

Digital Photos

In addition to digital X-rays and 3D scans, we also use digital photography to document our patients’ progress throughout their treatment. These photos provide a clear visual representation of the changes in your smile, allowing us to track the success of your treatment and make any necessary adjustments along the way.